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Welcome to my site for Moneydance Extensions and Scripts written in Python

Author: Stuart Beesley - StuWareSoftSystems

NOTE: I AM JUST A USER - I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH MONEYDANCE! (but I do use all my scripts on my own live dataset…)

DISCLAIMER: ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES - The author cannot accept any responsibility from the use of these scripts

Moneydance allows you to run Python scripts and access its functions via their API. This allows you to perform all sorts of ‘wonderful’ things based on your own financial data.

Python is actual Jython 2.7 and accesses the Moneydance Java codebase.

My scripts and extensions are identical. The extension version(s) are simply a ‘packaged’ script version. InfiniteKind (the creators of Moneydance) have now signed my Extensions. NOTE: The signed versions hosted by IK/MD may be a few builds behind my latest versions. If you require a signed version, then download links are at the bottom of this page (these also appear in the Extensions>Manage Extensions menu))

The Extensions will only run properly on Moneydance version 2021.1 (build 3056 onwards)… The minimum version to run as standalone scripts is 2019.4 (build 1904)… (If you have installed the extension, but nothing happens, then check your MD version/build)

NOTE: All extensions listed below (except marked with ^^) are listed within the Moneydance Manage Extensions menu - Check there first for updates


Click a link below to download a ZIP file. The ZIP file contains both the Extension (if available) and Script version for you to choose from….

To install/run Extensions:

1) Launch Moneydance

2) Double-click the .mxt file (this may not work if you do not have .mxt extensions associated with Moneydance)

3) Accept any warning(s) that the extension is unsigned (this simply means that Moneydance have not signed / verified my extension). Click Install Extension.

4) Once its installed, restart Moneydance.

5) From now on, just click Menu>Extensions and the name of the Extension

To run Scripts:

1) Load Moneydance. Menu>Window>Show Moneybot Console

2) Open Script>choose <scriptname>.py file

3) Click RUN (and not run snippet)

4) That’s it…. Repeat these steps each time.

Extension ONLY format (contains only *.mxt file) - Very latest PREVIEW (unsigned) build

Extension (and Scripts formats) (*.mxt and *.py format) - Very latest PREVIEW (unsigned) builds

Signed Versions (hosted by Moneydance at InfiniteKind - These builds appear in the Extensions/Manage Extensions… menu)

Signed Versions (hosted on this site - i.e. NOT InfiniteKind’s site - may be newer than appear (or not available) in Moneydance’s Extensions menu)

Other useful ad-hoc scripts (*.py format only) - Very latest code versions

Useful_Scripts: A zip collection of ad-hoc scripts that can be run individually. Including:

My Python Extension and coding tips:

Experimental / advanced:

It’s possible to load Moneydance components externally. This would not be supported by IK and you do so at your own risk.

As of MD2021.2(3088) you can set an environment variable ‘md_passphrase=’ or ‘md_passphrase_<lowercase_filename>’ and this will bypass the popup ‘Enter your password’ prompt. This means that the headless methods, to access MD data externally will work much more seamlessly. There are examples below on how to do this (with ‘environment_passphrase’ in filename):_

Method 1: Using Jython (for true Java integration) (with a launch script to set up the JVM properly) - See folder contents:

Method 2: Using Python and JPype (sets up the JVM as part of the script) - See folder contents:

Source Code sites - you can freely read / review all my code

Author’s code site:

Moneydance’s site for code:

If you like my tools you can donate to support my work via PayPal (completely optional)

Or perhaps just buy me a “beer” (also via PayPal)

(site last updated 24th November 2022)